CAA/NCAA Affiliated Session College Art Association 2021 Annual Meeting, February 10-13, 2021 

Join NCAA members at the 2021 CAA Affiliate session Meaning from the Noise: Finding Positive Patterns for Arts Administration.

Session date and time: TBD

Panel Co-Chairs: Charles Kanwischer, Bowling Green State University, Sarah Meyer, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


In a time when artist/designer/scholar administrators have at their disposal vast amounts of data and information, why is it so difficult to convert it into consensus for positive change? How can we transform a surfeit of data into usable knowledge? We’re not interested in strategies of avoidance or retreat. In the dynamic environment of contemporary higher education, noise is inevitable and offers opportunity. Rather, we seek proposals from aspiring and experienced arts administrators advancing specific approaches to drawing pattern and meaning from noise. In this panel we will demonstrate that artists, designers and scholars possess the creative dispositions as well as the analytical skills that uniquely qualify them for data informed leadership – for meaning making.