We are excited to gather once again at the 2021 NCAA Conference hosted by Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida and invite you to be a part of the conference through a multitude of opportunities.

This year we will kick off our program with the ever popular Ignite session followed by the Case Studies in which we trouble shoot real life problems and potential solutions. In 2019, we hosted our first members’ exhibition and conversational small group discussions. We look forward to establishing a tradition with this year’s exhibition, Pushing the Envelope and the Conversational Meet Ups tentatively scheduled for Friday afternoon. Additionally, we’ve created an NCAA Futures committee, which will help shape the trajectory of NCAA.

We hope you will consider participating in some way. 


1. Ignite Presentations

TIMING: The session is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, September 29, 2021. Each ignite will be presented in approximately a 10-minute time block. Interested members should express intent and send a brief bio by July 26, 2021

to Charlie Kanwischer ([email protected]) and Sarah Meyer ([email protected]). Detailed instructions will follow once interest is expressed and the precise timing and number of presenters may be adjusted before September. 

IGNITE DESCRIPTION + TOPIC / Discerning the Vital Work of Creative Arts Leadership Today

According to legend, in 1896, Vilfredo Pareto noted that roughly 20% of the pea plants in his garden produced 80% of the pea pods. Applied today, Pareto’s creative research can be summarized as “80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes” –or the vital few. Thus, we postulate that arts in higher education is perfectly positioned and vital to seeing through the noise to maximize the outcomes. As arts leaders we can positively drive conversations, challenge norms, and identify results for the betterment of higher education and the future of the planet. Our panel seeks innovative strategies for focusing resources, addressing access, and providing pathways forward in 2021 and beyond.

Please feel free to interpret broadly. You may wish to share your thoughts about an idea or project, provide insights about the work of others, or perhaps you might want to present a speculative idea not yet implemented. We are, of course, available to assist and support in developing a topic. 


2. Case Studies

The case studies are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, September 29, 2021 following the Ignites. Each case study will be presented and discussion completed in a 20-30-minute time block. Interested members should express intent and send a brief bio (one or two sentences) by July 26, 2021 to Charlie Kanwischer ([email protected]) and Sarah Meyer ([email protected]). You may outline your proposal, or send an actual case study, in 350 words or fewer. Detailed instructions will follow once interest is expressed and the precise timing and number of presenters may be adjusted before September.

Seeing Through the Noise: True to life examples of tough problems in administration are presented as a Case Study with structured questions, for small groups to discuss and resolve. If you have a tough problem or unique experience in arts administration and academic leadership, consider developing a case study. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

Leadership and Management
Interpersonal Communication
Succeeding with External Constituencies
Budget Management
Personnel Evaluation
Issues Related to Promotion and Tenure
Personal Growth
Career Paths
Any topical area related to arts administration and leadership

3. Membership Exhibition: Pushing the Envelope
NCAA Arts Administrators Exhibition September 27- October 8, 2021
Selby Gallery, Ringling College of Art+ Design, Sarasota, FL

Pushing the Envelope is a non-juried mail-art exhibition consisting of original mail-based artworks.

·      Content of artwork is open to interpretation.

·      Art forms may include 2-D and small 3-D works.

·      Display decisions and arrangement will be made by Ringling College Galleries Staff

·      Loan forms must accompany all artworks (see attached)

·      You may submit up to (3) artworks per artist. No entry fee is required.

·      Artwork may be for sale. Ringling College takes no commission.

·      Artwork must arrive ready for hanging.

 Click here for more information on the members exhibition: www.ringling.edu/ncaaarts2021


4. Conversations: Meet Ups In Person
This portion of the conference will consist of information exchanges on the following topics:

When evaluation does not = excellence
Managing up + down
Creating true inclusion
Reentering leadership “post” COVID
Transitioning in and out of leadership
Making meetings work
Marketing your shared success
“Open Topic”
“Suggest a Topic”

We seek conversation leaders/moderators from the membership at large. Interested members should send a brief bio and two conversation questions/starters for the topic(s) they are interested in leading/moderating to Lauren Lake ([email protected]) and Vagner Mendonça-Whitehead ([email protected]).


5. NCAA Futures Committee
As the arts, arts careers, and arts programs in higher education continue to evolve, so too must arts administrators. What changes do we need to pay particular attention to? What additional supports, information, and dialogue is needed to best support your success as an arts administrator and the success of your programs? What new challenges lie ahead and how should we prepare our students for future needs and opportunities? If you would like to explore these and related questions, then we hope you will consider joining our new Futures Committee! Please send expressions of interest to Peter Chametzky ([email protected]) and Jonathan Fohrman ([email protected]). We will convene a discussion with interested parties during the conference and anticipate meeting annually at NCAA and CAA meetings thereafter (possibly more on Zoom) and look forward to your ideas and input.


6. Panel Discussion: Seeing Through the Noise: Change from the Inside Out
Call for proposals: 2021 NCAA -Arts annual conference 
Moderator: Sharon Louden, Artist, Editor and Artistic Director, Chautauqua Visual Arts

As arts administrators, we have many monetary and non-monetary resources available to us that help us fulfill our roles as agents of change and catalysts for making space for others. We have the ability to pivot laterally as a team in new and organic ways that provide opportunities for others. So, what are the models by which old systems are being replaced from the inside out? How are arts administrators collaborating to create new and exciting partnerships with organizations around the country? How are arts administrators creating new paths for artists to integrate more within the private sector, secondary education and various other industries?

As the moderator for this important panel, I am looking for those who are making change from within, who are generous in their sharing of transparent, replicable models for other arts administrators to follow, and those who are taking risks to create impact by amplifying voices that are often unheard or under-recognized.

10 minutes: quick introductions 
40 minutes: 10 minute short presentation by each panelist sharing models for consideration
30 minutes: moderated conversation by moderator and panelist
30 minutes: questions and answers by audience and panel

Requirements of panelists:
--10 minute short presentation proposal (PowerPoint format)
--Arts Administrators who are generous, catalysts and risk-takers 
--Arts Administrators who are breaking the mold with new models that are replicable
--Arts Administrators who wear multiple hats
--Arts Administrators who are preferably from rural or regional areas of the US

 Complete the proposal form here